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16 3月

642-243 UCCESオンラインテスト-Unified Contact Center Enterprise Support

我社は642-243 UCCES試験のオンラインテストを提供しています。正しい質問と答えを作ります。試験の質問の内容は最新の試験内容であります。インターネット上で、24時間どこでも受験できる、オンライン型テストです。従来の自己申告型や、資格試験の模擬テストとは異なり、様々なビジネス分野、業務に対応した実務能力、技術スキルを短時間で測定します。個人・企業のビジネススキル診断、IT技術スキル診断、企業人材育成利用、学校教育利用などで活用できます。このシステムは、商品知識・販売スキルなどの研修用としての利用、業界毎・企業毎・職種毎の実務スキル用途、さらには大学、専門学校の就職適性スキル測定用途等にも別途カスタマイズ可能です。


In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise system, a new agent and phone have been added to the system; however, the agent is unable to log in to the system. The agent is using the same type of phone and and has the same CTI OS desktop setup as other agents who are able to log in without issue. What are two possible causes for this issue?(Choose two.)


In addition to enabling tracing in the Cisco Unified IP IVR, what additional trace files would be helpful in troubleshooting calls that are being dropped in the Cisco Unified IP IVR for the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution? (Choose two.)


In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise system, external callers being queued on the Cisco Unified IP IVR are reporting voice quality issues with the Cisco Unified IP IVR prompts as being “choppy.” Which two actions would be helpful in finding the problem? (Choose two.)


To use the Cisco Unified ICM dumplog utility to gather the Call Router’s MDS log from Monday, March 10, 2008, beginning at 9:30, and to ensure that you do not get binary data in the log, which command line syntax would you use?


In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution, the Cisco Unified ICM Script Editor Agent-to-Agent Node is used to send calls between agents in the system. Which item is not applicable to the Agent-to-Agent Node usage?


In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, callers are reporting that when they call in, their calls are being intermittently dropped without hearing a welcome or queue message. Which two problems could potentially cause calls not to reach the Cisco Unified IP IVR? (Choose two.)


When troubleshooting calls that are dropping in the Cisco IP IVR in the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution, which log file settings would be useful? Select the three best options for tracing from the AppAdmin > System > Tracing menu. (Choose three.)


In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise system, which of these steps will enable JTAPI tracing for the Cisco Unified IP IVR/CRS Server?


In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, which three traces would you apply for a Cisco Unified Communications Manager PIM in the Cisco Unified ICM PROCMON tool? (Choose three.)


In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, calls are unable to reach the Cisco Unified IP IVR for prompting or queuing. Which three tools and logs would be most useful in troubleshooting this problem? (Choose three.)


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