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03 1月

350-029 CCIE Service Provider オンラインテスト-CCIE Service Provider written

我社は350-029 CCIE Service Provider試験のオンラインテストを提供しています。正しい質問と答えを作ります。試験の質問の内容は最新の試験内容であります。インターネット上で、24時間どこでも受験できる、オンライン型テストです。従来の自己申告型や、資格試験の模擬テストとは異なり、様々なビジネス分野、業務に対応した実務能力、技術スキルを短時間で測


A customer requests that sites are connected over an MPLS backbone using the MPLS AToM service.
However, the network engineer advises that the MPLS L3VPN service may be better for this situation.
Which characteristic of MPLS L3VPN may make it a better option from the Service Provider perspective ?


A network engineer is trying to optimize convergence.
What action should be taken to overcome EBGP frequent session loss due to interface flapping between
two different AS routers?


A network engineer is tasked with supporting traffic discrimination over MPLS traffic engineering tunnels.
To allocate restricted bandwidth to a certain type of traffic with no QoS degradation, which technique must
be used?


In an OSPF domain, four routers are running the OSPF protocol over a LAN switch in a broadcast domain. What is the expected output of executing the show ip OSPF neighbor command on the router that is neither a DR nor a BDR?


A security risk has been discovered on the Service Provider MPLS core network during a network audit. Traceroute between the customer sites displays IP addresses of the Service Provider MPLS core. What should be done to hide the IP addresses of the Service Provider MPLS core from the customer traceroute utility?


An engineer is configuring a Cisco CRS-1 Multishelf System. Which option describes the minimum LCC and FCC requirements for proper functionality?


Which statement about OSPFv3 is true?


A network engineer is using IS-IS IGP protocol to design a network.

Which three design elements should be used to divide the network into a hierarchy of areas? (Choose three.)


A network engineer wants to support Ethernet over MPLS and wants to share only a single VC across the MPLS backbone.

Which EoMPLS mode supports this feature?


Two OSPF neighbor routers are stuck in the EXSTART state. After a while, the neighborship goes down. A network engineer is debugging the issue when both routers show the OSPF log message “too many retransmissions.” What is the possible root cause?


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03 1月

350-080 CCIE Data Center オンラインテスト-CCIE Data Center Written Exam

我社は350-080 CCIE Data Center試験のオンラインテストを提供しています。正しい質問と答えを作ります。試験の質問の内容は最新の試験内容であります。インターネット上で、24時間どこでも受験できる、オンライン型テストです。従来の自己申告型や、資格試験の模擬テストとは異なり、様々なビジネス分野、業務に対応した実務能力、技術スキルを短時間で測


Please go to 350-080 CCIE Data Center オンラインテスト-CCIE Data Center Written Exam to view the test






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