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03 1月

642-902 ROUTE オンラインテスト-Implementing cisco ip routing

我社は642-902 ROUTE試験のオンラインテストを提供しています。正しい質問と答えを作ります。試験の質問の内容は最新の試験内容であります。インターネット上で、24時間どこでも受験できる、オンライン型テストです。従来の自己申告型や、資格試験の模擬テストとは異なり、様々なビジネス分野、業務に対応した実務能力、技術スキルを短時間で測


Which statement is true about the implementation of IPv6 in an already existing IPv4 network?


Which two reductions are the correct reductions of the IPv6 address 2001:0d02:0000:0000:0014:0000:0000:0095? (Choose two.)


Which two statements are true about EIGRP manual summarization? (Choose two.)


Which is the correct command format to configure EIGRP summary route?


Which is the most effective technique to contain EIGRP queries?


Identify three characteristics of EIGRP feasible successors? (Choose three.)


What are three kinds of OSPF areas? (Choose three.)


A network administrator assigns a multicast address of to an application running on a device with an Ethernet MAC address of 01.b2.7d.05.f1.80.

Which Layer 2 multicast address will this device use?


A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP configuration across a discontiguous network.

What must the administrator do to ensure the routers have the correct routing information?


What is the purpose of the eigrp stub configuration command?


Which command displays statistics on EIGRP hello, updates, queries, replies, and acknowledgments?


A company has a BGP network and a BGP route of that should be propagated to all of the devices. The route is not now in any of the routing tables. The administrator determines that an access list is the cause of the problem. The administrator changes the access list to allow this route, but the route still does not appear in any of the routing tables.

What should be done to propagate this route?


A network administrator would like to configure an EIGRP router as a stub router that advertises directly connected and summary routes only.

What command must the administrator issue to accomplish this?


Which two routing protocols require a metric to be configured when redistributing routes from other protocols? (Choose two.)


By default, which statement is correct regarding the redistribution of routes from other routing protocols into OSPF? Select the best response.


When implementing OSPFv3, which statement describes the configuration of OSPF areas? Select the best response.


When troubleshooting an EIGRP connectivity problem, you notice that two connected EIGRP routers are not becoming EIGRP neighbors. A ping between the two routers was successful.

What is the next thing that should be checked? Select the best response.


Which statement is true about OSPF Network LSAs? Select the best response.


You have just completed an OSPF implementation. While executing your verification plan, you determine that R1 is not able to establish full OSPF adjacency with R2. The show ip ospf neighbor command output on R1 shows that R2 is stuck in the INIT state.

What could be the cause of this problem? Select the best response.


You have completed an OSPF implementation, and you are verifying OSPF operation. During this verification, you notice that the OSPF route of is repeatedly appearing and disappearing from the routing table. Further investigation finds that the OSPF CPU utilization is very high and the routers are constantly performing SPF calculations.

You determine that is the source of the route. Using the show ip ospf database router command, you notice that when this show command is performed repeatedly, the contents of the LSA change every few seconds.

What could be the cause of this problem? Select the best response.


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03 1月

300-101 ROUTE オンラインテスト-Implementing Cisco IP Routing

我社は300-101 ROUTE試験のオンラインテストを提供しています。正しい質問と答えを作ります。試験の質問の内容は最新の試験内容であります。インターネット上で、24時間どこでも受験できる、オンライン型テストです。従来の自己申告型や、資格試験の模擬テストとは異なり、様々なビジネス分野、業務に対応した実務能力、技術スキルを短時間で測


Please go to 300-101 ROUTE オンラインテスト-Implementing Cisco IP Routing to view the test






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